ERDEM x H&M Pre-Shopping Vienna

I’ve never been to a pre-shopping event before, nor have I ever written about fashion so what better way to dip into this side of blogging than by sharing my experience at the ERDEM x H&M Vienna pre-shopping event.

If you don’t know what ERDEM x H&M is, it is a collaboration of the fashion brand ERDEM with the well-known retailer H&M. Designer collaborations with Hennes and Mauritz include names like Balmain (2015), Alexander Wang (2014), Versace (2011), Lanvin (2010), Jimmy Choo (2009), Stella McCartney (2005) and Karl Lagerfeld (2004), to name a few. This year, it was time to welcome ERDEM and oh, was it a good choice.

ERDEM is a London based ready-to-wear fashion brand, established in 2005. The brand is described as “the delicate mixed with the bold” with “versatile, yet powerful feminity” (, founded by the Canadian/Turkish designer Erdem Moralıoğlu.


I might have been overthinking everything since I got my invitation. I’ve got an e-mail inviting me to the pre-shopping event of ERDEM x H&M in Vienna on the 30th of October, 2017, along with one of my good friends, Nina.


My biggest concern was: what should I wear? I’ve known the concept of the collection for a while, the patterns, the colour scheme and the overall theme, yet I had no idea what to wear. Believe it or not, there is not much on the oh so powerful internet on how to dress for an event like this. I knew I didn’t want to wear florals if they weren’t the pieces by ERDEM. Also, wearing a bold piece from a competitor like Zara or MANGO wouldn’t be the best choice.

I spent about 6 hours on a Saturday looking for an outfit and I opted for a Prince of Wales checked skirt and an emerald green sweater from H&M’s Modern Classic department (business wear), black tights, Chelsea boots, dark boxy-fit coat and a dark cross-body purse.

I straightened my hair and I’ve done a simple make-up with a winged eyeliner and a nude lip, as the collection’s makeup was focused on the eyes rather than lips. And honestly, we’ve been sipping on our drinks the whole time, so who would want to to be touching up their lipstick every few minutes.


The event

…was crazy. It was a lot of fun, yes, but shopping people can go mental. No offence. The venue was a hip basement of a 5* hotel in Vienna, where there were flowers projected on the ceiling.

Palais Coburg; Photo Credit: H&M

Even though the view was amazing and I get why one would choose this location to be able to do the projection, I was disappointed. I’ve seen the ERDEM x H&M event in other cities and they always chose a fancy and beautiful venue ornated by real flowers. This venue felt more like a bar/club, people were smoking in a closed, crowded space, the music was a bit too loud. The actual space where the designs were showcased was so long and narrow, people were bumping into each other while trying to get out of the madness (there were about 500 people there).

The Collection; Photo Credit: H&M

The food was vegan, which is a nice touch. There were also free drinks that the caterers were carrying around, including wine and gin&tonic. If you wanted something else to drink, you would have to go to the bar to order.

There was a short Live-Show by the Performance-Artist Le Pustra with an amazing singing voice! Unfortunately, the performance might have been at the same time as the shopping started. We were watching Le Pustra, the next thing we know, people already grabbed half of the things on display.

Le Pustra; Photo Credit: H&M

All in all, it might have been the venue or the organisation of the event that could have been better, but the collection itself was worth it. It is even more beautiful in person than it is online. The pieces have great quality from what I could gather by trying on some things.

Well done, ERDEM x H&M, this collaboration has to be my favourite so far. Thank you for the opportunity to be part of the experience, I appreciate it a lot.

The ERDEM x H&M designs are available online and in selected H&M stores from the 2nd of November 2017. Be quick, I’m sure everything will be sold out within minutes. 

Here you will find the entire collection and its prices: ERDEM x H&M.


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