A Mesh Made in Heaven

A couple of weeks ago, a watch brand named Morris York approached me on Instagram and asked me whether I was interested in cooperating with them. I was sceptical at first as I couldn’t imagine why they would be interested in working with me – but deep down I was really curious.

I was always a sucker for pieces you can make your own and wear every day – like a perfume, a watch or a ring, or any other item that becomes a signature thing of yours. Last year I bought my first watch and I’ve been wearing it every day since, to the point where I need a new one. A had my eyes on a silver mesh watch from a well-known brand but it was too expensive for my liking. And as if on cue, Morris York came to the rescue (thanks, guys!).

I was excited to discover they had a watch very similar to the one I wanted, so I decided to get it. And the best part? It wasn’t expensive at all! The price actually made me sceptical once again but obviously, everything worked out perfectly.

I ordered my watch on a Saturday with the option of transferring the money to their bank account. This is a great option for everyone that doesn’t have a card to use for online payments. They got the money on Tuesday and sent me my new watch the same day with a courier.
Their customer service is excellent. They answered my questions within minutes and informed me about every step of the transaction – whether it was me placing my order or them getting the money, as well as them sending out the watch.

The brand new addition came on Friday the same week they dispatched it. Everything was wrapped up nicely, no harm done to the packaging. Inside, there was a sleek looking black box covered by a black protecting carton with the Morris York logo. The box itself has the same logo with the brand name.

Use the code PNY10 to get -10% of your new watch on he Morris York website.

Opening the box, I found a small card once again with the brand logo and the highly awaited new watch wrapped around a cushion to keep the shape.  The pictures on the website are true to reality – there is no beige or blue discolouration on the white dial as it happens with a lot of watches.

All in all, the watch is very pretty and of great quality. I had some difficulties adjusting the strap to my wrist size because there are no actual holes on the mesh watch. You have to adjust the strap by opening the clip, sliding it to your size (there are sizes marked on the strap) and closing the clip.

I’ve had the watch for two weeks now and I’m still extremely pleased with it. The watch is still keeping up with the time perfectly, there are no scratches even though I’ve been wearing it since it arrived.

As a little treat, I got a coupon code for you for -10% of your new watch on the Morris York website. Choose your watch and enter the code PNY10 at the checkout to get your discount.

Oh and a small tip: if you’re from the EU, you don’t have to enter your ID/Passport number at the checkout – just enter any random number to be able to proceed.

I hope you guys will find a watch you will love to wear as much as I love wearing mine. If you do, I would love to see it so feel free to send me a picture or tag me in your picture on Instagram (@petranyiriova).

Stay awesome 




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