Boulevard of Broken Dreams.

Do you ever think about how much you’ve messed up when choosing what to study? Or how you could’ve cared more about your education when you were in school? Or how you could’ve taken up some hobbies and after-school activities to build a better resumé and in extent, a better future?


Berlin. Fujifilm Superia X-TRA 35mm ISO 400, colour 36. Shot with Pentax K2.

ERDEM x H&M Pre-Shopping Vienna

I’ve never been to a pre-shopping event before, nor have I ever written about fashion so what better way to dip into this side of blogging than by sharing my experience at the ERDEM x H&M Vienna pre-shopping event.

Weight be gone

I want to congratulate myself for my results but most importantly, for finally realising that those before-and-after Instagram posts shouldn’t be seen as #goals because actually, I AM one of those girls who lost 24kg (53lbs) and I don’t give myself enough credit. So here it is: well done Petra, good job!

I Think You Need a Weaker Girl…

Why is it that we see the worst in ourselves? That we see our mistakes rather than our accomplishments? We strive to be better people. And somehow, along the way we forget to be proud of things we already have.

A Mesh Made in Heaven

I was always a sucker for pieces you can make your own and wear everyday – like a perfume, a watch or a ring, or any other item that becomes a signature thing of yours. And as if on que, Morris York came along.

Dear Mom,

And now, a year later, I miss you so much. It gets better, but it doesn’t get easier. Still, I feel like you finally have your freedom, your peace and this might’ve been the best way out for you. I hope you’re just as happy wherever you might be.

Do More of What Makes You Happy

I have the feeling a lot of people wait for the oportunity to fall from trees. They wait for the perfect moment, the perfect life, the perfect everything. As if they couldn’t enjoy the present until they get to a level they think might change their lives.

Project YOU

I love you but I love me more. 

And with self love, there is putting yourself, your dreams and life (or dreamlife) before the interests and life of others. The same goes for them – they should think of themselves first. 

Because how is one supposed to love you if you don’t love yourself?