It’s okay to be gay (or whatever you choose your sexuality to be).

I can’t grasp the idea behind the hatred. Like, it makes me furious because I can’t understand, it just blows my mind how someone can differentiate between love. For me, love is love, it’s gender-free and a person can love whomever they want (as long as it’s consensual and legal on both sides!).


Berlin. Fujifilm Superia X-TRA 35mm ISO 400, colour 36. Shot with Pentax K2.

ERDEM x H&M Pre-Shopping Vienna

I’ve never been to a pre-shopping event before, nor have I ever written about fashion so what better way to dip into this side of blogging than by sharing my experience at the ERDEM x H&M Vienna pre-shopping event.

Weight be gone

I want to congratulate myself for my results but most importantly, for finally realising that those before-and-after Instagram posts shouldn’t be seen as #goals because actually, I AM one of those girls who lost 24kg (53lbs) and I don’t give myself enough credit. So here it is: well done Petra, good job!

A Mesh Made in Heaven

I was always a sucker for pieces you can make your own and wear everyday – like a perfume, a watch or a ring, or any other item that becomes a signature thing of yours. And as if on que, Morris York came along.

Do More of What Makes You Happy

I have the feeling a lot of people wait for the oportunity to fall from trees. They wait for the perfect moment, the perfect life, the perfect everything. As if they couldn’t enjoy the present until they get to a level they think might change their lives.

The Issue of National Pride

Why does it makes us proud to be born on a piece of land defined by political borders? What makes you better than your foreign neighbour? Why does your co-worker need to prove himself twice as much because of his skin colour?

Who the hell do I think I am?!

I may not be the person you turn to for ideas, pretty travel pictures or fitness tips – I wish I would be! But what I definitely am is an over-analysing person trying to make it as good as possible through good and REALLY bad days, handing out advice for free.